General reservation conditions

General conditions of online reservation service


This document contains the general conditions of the Online service for reserving accommodation in the Vic University Residence (hereafter referred to as RUVIC), in order to provide general information to the public and to support candidates for residence so that they understand in detail the admission process, conditions, timing and dates.

The admission process for a new resident consists of:

1. ADMISSION > Application for admission > Payment on account for the first month > Reserving a place
2. FORMALISATION > Signing the contract
3. ARRIVAL > Welcome


To be able to start the admission process and reserve a place in RUVIC it is essential to have a valid personal email address, since most of the administrative steps take place online, with the following website: https:/

The User who accesses this service must be of age, in accordance with Spanish legislation, and have the legal capacity necessary to contract personally for the services offered on this Website. For a contract on behalf of anyone underage, it is a requirement that their parents or guardians formalise the reservation of a place (by completing the booking form) and the contract for accommodation.

The user needs to access the Booking Form to reserve a place/accommodation and complete it, putting in their personal data and other details that are asked for on tabs in the form to obtain the correct supply of service.

Having completed the form, it cannot be processed or sent unless the user concerned has first voluntarily accepted the General Conditions of the Online Reservation Service, the text of which should be read carefully prior to acceptance.

It is essential to indicate on the Form the type of room (single, superior single, double, superior double or suite) and stay (long/short duration) for which accommodation is required so that we can check on the availability of rooms.

The allocation of places takes into account the following factors:
• The date of sending the application form for admission and payment for the first month in due time.
• The availability of places.
• Priority for residents staying for the full course.

If the demand for places exceeds the number of rooms available, a waiting list will be opened.

Having checked on the criteria for allocation of a place, the candidate will be informed, by email, as to whether or not admitted and the type of room and then (if admitted) the user will be allowed a non-extendable time of TWO (2) WORKING DAYS to make partial payment of the first month’s charge, for an amount of €325.- VAT included: (i) by bank transfer to the current account in the name of RUVIC, (ii) by credit card; in every case expressly identified with the user’s name and surnames, which must match the name entered on the application form, thus completing the reservation of a room.

In that email and therefore before making payment of the sum of €325.- VAT included, corresponding to partial payment for the first month to complete the reservation, the user will be informed clearly, unequivocally and precisely that since the contract is for the supply of accommodation services for purposes other than as a permanent dwelling and is for a fixed period, they have no power or right of withdrawal, in accordance with art. 103.l of RDL 1/2007, of 16 November, which approved the redrafted text of the general law on Consumer and User Protection and other supplementary laws.

When payment has been made it is essential to send the payment slip to within the TWO (2) WORKING DAYS allowed.

Having made and communicated payment of that sum of €325.- VAT included, as part of the first month’s charge, this being verified by RUVIC, the place will be reserved from that date and the user will receive a new email message confirming receipt of the payment and formalisation of the Reservation, with instructions regarding the date of arrival and including the relevant contractual documentation which has to be returned to RUVIC duly signed before entry into the Residence.

The reservation guarantees to the user that RUVIC will not be marketing the place/room, provided that there is no unilateral withdrawal by the user and/or a cancellation for some reason that is valid in law; and that RUVIC will make the place/room available to the user on the date of arrival at the residence, provided that the user meets all his/her other obligations.

Failure to produce the aforesaid contractual documentation within the stipulated time will be understood as a tacit unilateral withdrawal from the Reservation by the user and termination of the contractual relations due to the user’s non-compliance with the obligations, with the implicit consequences arising thereby, as specified in the Fourth Condition hereunder.

The Residence will open a waiting list for all those candidates who have submitted applications and have not been admitted due to lack of places and/or any other reason.

Should any vacancies occur, the students will be contacted by strict order of entry on the waiting list, applying the admission criteria referred to above.

The personal data sent to us will be used for the good management of bookings for places/accommodation and, subsequently, in formalising the contract with the Client/User. Data supplied by the User will be used to attend to the application for a booking and to adapt the products and services applied for by the User to the preferences indicated on the Booking form (data records) and will require the user’s email address for receipt of any communication from RUVIC.


All the residents who stay in RUVIC must pay a monthly sum for their accommodation (long stay/short stay), services contracted and the use of the installations; these prices are available to the general public at the following internet address:

The prices indicated on the website include VAT.
RUVIC reserves the right to change the prices indicated on the website by the application of promotions, and also for other questions that are considered relevant and/or causes of force majeure.


As specified above, since the user is contracting for the supply of services of accommodation for purposes other than a permanent dwelling and for a fixed time, the user does not have the power or the right to withdraw, in accordance with art. 103.l of RDL 1/2007, of 16 November, which approved the redrafted text of the general law on Consumer and User Protection and other supplementary laws.

As a consequence it is an essential condition that explicit withdrawal (which must be duly communicated to the email address and/or tacit withdrawal by the user, both of which will be understood as the user’s unilateral Termination of the contractual relation, will empower RUVIC to keep the sum corresponding to the payment made (€325.- VAT included), with no possibility of any claim of any kind by the user. This measure is justified by RUVIC’s loss of expected income due to the impossibility of newly marketing the place which had been Reserved.

RUVIC can also offer the place and room allocated again, designating and allocating it to the next candidate on the waiting list and/or accepting a new booking and receiving the appropriate amount from the new users.


Both parties undertake compliance with loyalty and in good faith, not only with the strict content of the above conditions, but also everything that is a natural consequence, according to a reasonable interpretation and in accordance with common sense.
For any question or dispute that may arise from compliance with or the interpretation of this document the grantor parties submit themselves to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals legally established.

And for the record, in evidence of agreement and acceptance of the content of this contract, in the place and on the date of acceptance indicated.